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Our techniques

Chiropractors employ a wide range of proven techniques for each individual case.  Below you'll find a brief explanation of the most common chiropractic techniques used by Erica.

Sacral Occipital Technique is a branch of Chiropractic that looks at the relationship between the sacrum (the middle bone of the pelvis including the tail-bone) and the Occiput (the bone at the back of the head or skull).  S.O.T also recognises the importance of the cranial bones in health and disease.  This is a method of diagnosing and normalising the relationship of the top and bottom of the spine.


The Thompson Technique, developed by Dr. J. Clay Thompson, has evolved into a system of analysis and means of adjusting the spine.  The combination produces precise adjustment.  This technique makes use of specialised drop piece mechanisms in the table to assist the adjustment. Individual cushions or "drop pieces" located along the table support each area of the spine until the thrust is given. Each drop piece then gently gives way, reducing the pressure needed to move a specific spinal segment. (Bridgwater only)

Trigger Point Therapy
The primary purpose of trigger point therapy is to reduce the pain that results from hypersensitive muscles.  Trigger points are identified by gently pressing on the surface of the skin, sensing the texture of the underlying muscle.

A trigger point is like a knot the size of a pea, buried deep in the muscle tissue. It is made up of lactic acid, a normal byproduct of muscular activity, which sometimes gets trapped in the muscle as a result of physical, chemical or emotional stress.


Acupuncture (Medical Dry Needling)

Acupuncture is a complementary medical practice that entails stimulating certain points on the body with a fine needle penetrating the skin to allevate pain or to treat other health conditions.



"Chiropractors treat bad backs and necks" thats what you may be thinking.  However, Chiropractors also diagnose and treat other musculoskeletal associated disorders.


To find out if Chiropractic can help you, please contact to arrange a free chat with Erica Jones.

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